Next CLYW?


I have the gnarwhal, avalanche, and chief. Which should be next? Glacier Express or Artic Circle. I’m not picky on shape and I like the available color ways available here. Is one or the other going to be harder to come by later? Does one not play well?

Thanks for the help

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It won nats :slight_smile:


Both are great… And actually they both play similair. I would say pick the one you think you would like better down the road… Both great throws!!


Both play great and I think that they will be available down the road, although on CLYW’s Facebook it says that the GE is a work in progress, so maybe the design or something else about it could change… I’d say go with the colours you like the most because concerning play and rarity, they both stand their own ground.


I believe Zach Gormley won nationals :stuck_out_tongue:


I believe Zach Gormley won nationals :stuck_out_tongue:

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