Hey CLYW!!! Ernest Kahn signiture?


Ernest Kahn is easily my favorite player. I was looking at your return top list and it seems, other than the peak, that every throw you guys have is some CLYW member’s signature throw. Now I know that not everyone on CLYW has a signature return top, but can you make one for Ernest? He deserves it and it phenomenal. Thanks!


Just saying, should be saying this to Chris himself instead of on the forum. :slight_smile:


What about the Gnarwhal and Avalanche?


The Avalanche is Dirtbag Yeti’s signature. :wink:


The avalanche (the OG version) was the signature of Ex-CLYW member Kristian Kaluza.


Here is the closest thing I have found:http://yoyoexpert.com/blog/louis-vuitton-special-yo-yo-and-ernest-kahn/

(M.DeV1) #7

Neither does harrison lee. However they both have their own signature colorways.

Harrison Hurricane


Earnests colorway MISchief.

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Well the summit isn’t a signature throw… And the avalanche isn’t anymore.


There is this yoyo you might have heard of called the chief… It’s not a signature throw either.


Glacier Express
New Avalanche

And if we’re counting collabs:

Galactic Goose


Don’t forget the Yeti. That’s not a signature throw either.


I still consider the avalanche to be Kristian Kaluza’s. So I did misspeak for the GE, Chief, and Gnarwhal. But still, I would like to see a Kahn throw


That’s why I said “New Avalanche” :wink:
But yes, a Kahn signature would be epic. As well as Chuck’s, which is supposed to be out this year.

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We need a Chuck and Chase signature and maybe even another Jensen one before an Ernest Kahn signature.


I don’t know about a Chase signature. Maybe an Andrew Maider signature. Either way though, I think there would probably be a good amount of yoyos, signature or not, made before we see one for Ernest.


Chuck’s signature should be called the Woodchuck. Seriously…


I do not think Jensen is officially with CLYW.


I an quite sure he is. He works for Chris in the Caribou “headquarters”.


He is an employee of CLYW, and as far as I understand he represents CLYW when he competes… If that doesn’t make you officially with CLYW, I don’t know what does. :slight_smile:

Back on topic though… I would buy the Ernest Kahn signature in a heartbeat. It could be the polar opposite of every single preference I have, and I would still buy it. Call me a fanboy, but he’s definitely one of my favorite players. I’ve never watched a throwing video of his without being absolutely awestruck at least once.


its been awhile since ive been on the forums mostly look on the B/S/T from time to time (still looking for that gosh darn Eetsit)

Anyway i wanted to say im very flattered you guys think so…but im quite happy with Most of the throws CLYW has at the moment (the original BVM being my favorite and the Avalanche for most if not every contest i participate in)

I personally think that Chuck deserves a return top next in line.
Chris has told me and the team “We all deserve signature yoyos”
but its easier said then done and…these things take time.

So crossing my fingers on some new launches this year!
Really Digging the Yeti i cant wait till all you get to get your grubby paws on it its truly an amazing throw!

Thanks for all the comments excited to release a new video soon hope you all enjoy it!

oh and Jensen will forever be a part of CLYW regardless hes one of the pioneers.