Charles Haycock signature

According to the CLYW site, Chuck is getting a signature return top this year. Who else is excited as me? Any hopes or speculations?


If it’s anywhere near as smooth as Chuck, it’s gonna be good. :smiley:

I wonder what his current preferences are. Once upon a time he played a bunch of Avalanche. But people’s tastes change… I wouldn’t even know if it’s going to be on the lighter and nimbler side, or the heavy and easily-controlled side.

Here are my spec estimates
Love Charles can’t wait

Like in the Cabin tuts
Hes now using Puffins.

and on Stage a while back he used Summits and BVM2s

See? There’s no way of knowing! That’s 3 different kinds of yoyos!

Summits and BvM2s were clearly to help promote the new releases-- that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like them, just that one can’t tell if those are actually in his preferences zone or not.

Puffins… seems like more of a “choice” for a tutorial video. So maybe on the floatier side. :wink:

What about the name? I’m guessing “The Woodchuck”.



It’s awesome that we both came up with this name independent of each other.

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It’s a sign. Now Chris is obligated to make this the real name.

I alsoheard ernest knah will be getting a sig yoyo! he refused to give me any details on it though, onyl that he is getting a sig yoyo.

wonder when there next non sig will be O_o

I’d so buy a Charles haycock signature throw. He’s one of my all time favorite players.

A new CLYW is always good news to me.

i think i should be named the charles

Okay, The Charles.:smile:

All the team members did that when they were brand new.


I might have to get this. >.<"

And I am in favor of the ‘The Charles’ X]