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Jokes aside, I think “The Woodchuck” would be a very fitting name, considering that it both has Chuck’s name in it and fits the theme of the North American outdoors. Also, the woodchuck is a species of marmot, which could be a nice nod to the wooly for anyone who knows a but of taxonomy.

I would envision. This thing
To be like a Puffin x summit

Puffin with summit specs, summit rims
And a cross bewtween summit and puffin cup

They should get side effects in there too, then. :wink: You don’t need it to be a collab for there to be side effects. :smiley:

Actually, Id like to see the Marmot Nubs :slight_smile:

Full blown matador spikes would be neat.

I Feel like that would end up more like a General Yo rather than a CLYW

The Nipples look nice though :slight_smile:

CLWY already has spikes in their history… could do it again!

Actually, I like the idea of SE’s kind of because of spikes… I suspect Charles isn’t really a spike guy (though I don’t know!) so it’d probably be something small and subdued… and then I could put in my own spikes.

All selfishness. :wink:

The yoyos hes been throwing all seem to have nipples!
well. Except the summit haha
Hmmmmmm, And the Goose right?

Yeah, I can’t see Chuck having a spiked signature. Just thought it was a neat idea.

But with SE, we can add our own. :wink: SPIKES FOR ALLLLLLLLllllll!

Yeah I’d love to see SE on a lot more throws. I’ve honestly never gotten to play with any SE yoyos, but I love the concept.

I asked Chris for info on it and all he could tell me is that it’s in the works. So my guess is an august release of the yoyo of the year

If its anything like the puffin…

Ill have 3

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Chuck deserves this one, guys… so YAY’

Hey ulmer, how long have u been throwing? Just curious

June 9th,it will be a year,but I’ve been throwing since I was a kid. I didn’t get serious until Indy States last year.

Hmmmm… Do u have a vid im thinking about challenging u to a battle

Can you pm me about this? This is supposed to be about the very funny Chuck Haycock, not about a possible battle

Chuck and Jensen should be a comedy duo. Just sayin’.

Hendy have you seen ill vibes?