charles haycock

what happened to charles and jensen? Last i hear is they were working on their own company any updates on how that is going?
Ive seen the a-rt yoyo channel. Is there company succeeding? What is it called?

They’ve released 1 metal yoyo already, the Junior, and a number of wood yoyos (fixed and unresponsive). They have a second metal yoyo, the Grail, on the way.

Could you put the link to their youtube. Searched for it but I couldn’t find it :-\

Here ya go

This is the best of Chuck i’ve seen maybe ever. Just so sickkkkk


If there was a College course in the Art of the Yo-Yo; that video would be Mandatory viewing.

That video is even better and deeper the more you watch it.

I am not saying Charles is the Best ever.

But I don’t hesitate to say the he is really second to no one.

He is one bad man and we have more video proof of that.

Simply Amazing.


This is definitely worth watching again and again! The tricks are off the chain, and the video is like a cross between David Lynch and Tenacious D.