Bonfire Video ... more Charles and Jensen please

LOL omg that video made me laugh so hard!!!

Screw the yo-yoing those guys are funny as hell!

one word…


You know a video is funny when you start busting out laughing when you’re all alone :smiley:

Why make a thread with such a vague message?

For the rest of us dummies…

The clyw blog:

Interesting, I didn’t think it was vague at all, the subject line was pretty clear.

It’s all kinda vague unless you’re already in the know! “Did you guys see this Bonfire video? Here’s the link…” would’ve worked dandy for those who don’t keep their noses pinned to social media and who might not even know what a Bonfire, Chuck, or a Jensen are.

It was a GREAT video, though! Pretty funny but also just really impressive tricks. Chuck took it to a whole new level here, IMO.

Yes. It was clear. You liked a Bonfire video with a Charles and a Jensen.

You even said a very polite “please”.

I did a little research and posted a link to what I think you made a thread about.


And yea, it was really one of the funniest yoyo videos I’ve seen.

Notice the sign behind Charles says “Cheap Charlies”

Are they really this dumb, or do they just act stupid. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In person Charles and Jensen both kind of keep to themselves unless they’re hanging out with familiar people. They’re pretty easy to approach and talk to which is pretty cool, and they are both very laid back. Charles and Jensen both really come to life when they yoyo.

Ever seen “what’s vibe?”?

You mean Ill Vibes?

There’s that. Anyway, I love that video. Not only are the tricks just mind blowing, but it’s honestly pretty funny. I died at the last pizza thing where Chuck flipped.

Chuck and Jensen deserve Oscars.