Charles and Jensen Innovation movement
“If Rodney Mullen got mad every time someone did a kickflip he’d be in an asylum right now.”
“The most important aspect of yoyoing is… by far… getting sponsored”  :wink:


Video of the year, and Charles is my favorite player.

OMGosh,yes! I adored this video,and did Zach spit on Jensen?

What’s interesting to me is that nobody has mentioned the links is broken. :wink: I know WHY of course: you’ve already seen it elsewhere. But I’m surprised nobody re-clicked it to watch for the 5th time and said, “Hey, link doesn’t work!”


Really good tricks. I get a LITTLE turned away by how apathetic they both SEEM, but that’s mostly just facial expression and other body language… when it comes to the hands and the yoyo, there’s a tonne of expression and creativity there!

I’ve watched this about 7 times

Love this video. Probably watched it 8 times now. Chuck is just so smooth, it’s insane…

I think Chuck hasn’t gotten way better and could win a lot if the contest he goes to this year if he can keep his performance clean