Golden age MUST SEE!!!!!

amazing video from chuck must see

same video

leave comments on what you think/??

one word


i usualy dont watch viedos that long but it was worth it

I love this video! But don’t double post.

awesome vid!!!

I see three words.

Okay video, I wouldn’t call it amazing or really anything close to it. Some very neat tricks though.

I disagree completely. He had great tricks, scenery, and angles. That beginning was sweet. I honestly think this is one of the greatest videos of all time. And just about everybody has favourited it on youtube or atleast everybody.

Did you see those filming techniques? And the tricks? And the fact that it’s CHUCK?!
A few days before I saw this video I was watching his older videos, hoping he hadn’t quit.
I’m so glad he hasn’t.

Amazing video. The yoyoing was good. But the video stuff was AMAZING. Great filming, editing (except it was a little long for me) everything was great. You should be some kind of film maker.
Were all of those places really close to each other? or did you have to go a bunch of different places to film all of that?

omg that was probably the best yoyo video of all time except for a few others :smiley:
but seriouslly he had good yoyoin and his editing was awesome and the beggining FTW

Really amazing video! I like Chuck’s stuff.

Yeah, i agree with you.

Happy Throwing! =]


Is it just me or that last combo is MUCH harder than it looks?

:o :o :o :o :o :o

My jaw was on the floor the whole time.
Ewww… Drool :stuck_out_tongue: