by LAND or by SEA

Major props to Steven Akers for the filmography of this video. Without him I wouldn’t look half as good. Enjoy guys.


WOW. I am so happy I clicked, that was beyond great. I really wanna do a video like this sometime, just waiting for the right circumstances to pop up. I’d be surprised if this didn’t show up on at least one of those yoyo blog sites.

oh and your beard is magnificent.

Thanks! Been working on the beard

Really great video. Tricks were nice, and the cinematography was stellar.

And as said before, your beard is fantastic.

This was fantastic. Its nice to see a video that takes into account the video as a whole rather than just technical tricks. Alot of times I’ll get bored during videos and want to skip around and see whats cool. I had no urge to skip, no urge to do anything but watch this all the way through. Well done.

Love it. Very artistic

That was an awesome and inspiring video. Great song too.

Man, this is one of the best edited videos I’ve seen in a while… The tricks were smooth, the editing was fantastic, and the beard, what more can I say?

Best video I’ve seen in a while. Thanks for sharing!

That was so awesome. The cinematography, the tricks, it was great. I’m gonna stop typing so I can watch it again.

Or by beard

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That was wonderful! My favorite part was the end where the cam retracted on the track. Beautiful video! I want a canon 60d so bad

those feel-good dolly shots

Awesome man. :slight_smile:

I loved the ending shot for some reason. Also, very nice yoyo’ing. More?

I feel like there should be some epic monolog to go with that video like in moves

I wish more yoyo videos were as good as that one

Yeah I thought the ending shot was like some christopher nolan stuff. And thank you for the yoyo compliment. Ive won the last three Showdowns on G squared and I have some videos on youtube if you look for Ryan Johnson.

Such a beautifully shot video. Well done!