ILL VIBES [CLYW] ft. Jensen/Charles

Nothing better then a silly Jensen video.



I like Charles’s hat, I wonder where he got it from? :wink:

My mom saw this, and said “Why does it look like they’re drugged?”

Because they are… Ahahahaha. I love Jensen. That hat trick at like 2:53 was pretty sick

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OMG! I want this as my profile pic! Can you pm me the link?

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That was great. Nice to see Jensen getting back to his antics.


So funny!

When he said “what’s vibe?” I started dying… funniest thing I’ve seen in a while.


Sweet ^^^^

this makes yoyo history right here.
Licorice and all.
Thanks for sharing!


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Yoyo enhancement, lol. Love this video so much. “Like hubstacks?”

Like the Tarantino action

“Think it’s like a counterweight”… lol when he said this, it almost sounded like he was choking back tears in a way. I bursted into laughter.

Awesome video

I think after this they should have more videos of them together,they’re perfect for each other.

Glad you guys like the .gif

Like me and Mason-kun~

It’s a yoyo enhancement… HAHAHAHA

I LOVE this video hahaha. Jensen is back! He’ll be at PNWR and Cal States ;D