Identify that yoyo

Does anyone know what yoyo Charles Haycock is using in his Cal State performance?
I know he’s CLYW, so I’m guessing Gnarwhal.

This guy is really good.!


I’m pretty sure that its the Summit. i think most of the clyw team used the Summit for the contest

I still dont get how he is so smooth!

Yes, it is the Summit.

Awesome. Thanks everyone. :smiley:

I can see a different color where the Side Effects would go. It’s a summit.

did Jensen use one to because his looked like a raw yoyo but I couldnt tell WHETHER IT WAS A SUMMIT OR NOT

Haycock does indeed have some smooth moves. My wife watched this with me (her very first time watching yoyo videos) and she said “The guy in the shorts should have won.”

Your wife has good taste.

Chuck’s definitely one of my new favorite players. Love his style so much.

Charles has been my favorite player since BAC last year.

Since that innovation movement video he’s one of my favorite players.

Absolutely love that video. Got so much inspiration from it.

Yeah, pretty sure its the summit. If it isnt the summit its probably a BvM2.

I love his BAC freestyle and his videos on Sector Y as well as his Cabin Tutorials:)