Interview between Myself and Charles Haycock!!

Here it is! I am asking the questions.

  1. What made you start yoyoing?

I had played around with a basic wood axle yoyo before, but it was when

my sister bought me a bearing yoyo for Christmas paired with me finding

the massive amount of resources on the internet that I really got into it.

  1. Who were/are some of your favorite performer’s?

I have so many but I’ll make a list of my top top.

Spencer Berry

Jensen Kimmitt

Yuuki Spencer

Zach Gormley

Isaac Sams

John Ando

Chase Hadden


Justin Weber

Mark Montgomery

Andrew Maider

Danny Severance

Micheal Kurti

Petr Kavka

Ayumu Harada

Kento Muroaka

Andrew Bergen

Sebastian Brock

And I’m probably forgetting a bunch.

  1. What are some of your future goals in the sport?

Well, Yoyoing is many things. One of those is a sport, and on that aspect

I’ve so far never really pushed hard. Maybe in the future I would like to

become more consistent, technically more skilled, and perhaps be able

to construct better performances. But that aspect of yo-yoing has always

been secondary to me. I’m much more into the relaxing, jamming, playful

aspect of yo-yoing and using it as a creative outlet.

  1. What do you think is your biggest accomplishment?

Haha, I don’t know that’s a weird question for me to think about. I just do

what I like to do and share it; hopefully some people will enjoy it.

  1. What are your favorite yoyos you have used?

There are allot, I’ll just answer the next question of which ones are my very


  1. What do you like most?



Wooly Marmot


Freehand 1



Clash Cube




And I’m probably forgetting some.

  1. What is your favorite trick during your performances?

The newest one, that’s always the most exciting to me.

  1. Are you glad that you became sponsored?

No doubt! I’ve been thrilled since day one!!! Chris has made it all possible

for me, I could never thank him enough.

What are some of your favorite contests to attend?

I love going to worlds because everyone is there. BAC is always nice even

though it’s hard to play outside. All contests are fun and have their own

attributes that make them exciting.

If you could say one thing to a person starting yo-yoing what would it be?

Always remember that a toy should be used to play with, and don’t let

anyone tell you how to play with your toy. They are always wrong, or right

if it’s ok with you.

Never met Chuck…

But he’s still my man.

Good interview. Chuck’s a cool cat.

I love that he says he’s not into the ‘sport’ aspect of it, that he does it for himself and he’s into the relaxed playful side of it. Seems most of my favorite players (Guy Wright comes to mind) aren’t competition powerhouses.

Straight-up awesome Q&A


Thanks guys


You should also ask him, “What’s the deal with your ClashCube?”

Hahahahaa (sorry, inside joke)