What made you want to be a good yoyoer?


What was the reason(s) why you have wanted to become a yoyoer? For me, at first I wanted to start yoyoing to be the only kid in school to yoyo and for the school talent show (and see how the ladies react to yoyoers :D) and just wanted to amaze people when I yoyo on the streets because you very rarely see a yoyoer anywhere. But then as I have started practicing, I have realized that yoyoing is WWWAAAYYY more than trying to impress everybody with what you can do. You meet new people (I’m looking at you, yoyoexpert forums) and just become entertained with something that you can usually carry around in your pocket. It is also way more than just a piece of plastic or aluminum on a string as well. Tell me your story for me and everybody else, can’t wait to hear it ;D

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I started when Dave Schulte came to my school. I started taking lessons from him. I got decent over the summer and started competing in '08. I try to be the best I can be at anything I do, so that leaves me where I am today.


Well, I see videos of pure awesomeness, and my competitive spirit gets the best of me. I try to be the best I can be. And man watching Harrison Lee sucks, he is too good. :wink:


Yeah this kind of happened with me as well. Once I saw some pro yoyoers do it, I knew that I just HAD to for the sake of my competitive nature.


I kinda just started so I could impress family and friends :). I had a couple of motivational factors (yoyo club, etc.) but that didn’t really push me forward. I just “did” it… Haha;)

And, to me, im learning really slowly. But when I tell yoyoers (friends) I’ve been yo-yoing for 5 (or 6 it something) months, they say “wow, your really good” probably cuz when a kid asks me hey, can you do blah balh balh (more advanced) I usually know how.


This sounds stupid but in third grade ned came to our school and everyone was buying his yoyos but i thought his yoyos we garbage ( and i was right ) so i bought a duncan avenger and did string tricks on it i stopped eventually then this past year in science my friend dan brought a yomega dash to school and he got me back into it i started doing it again with him on my birthday i bought a yyf genesis and my parents went nuts over the amount of money i spent and tried to cancel the order but failed i got it and i excelled like crazy and now im making up my own tricks and i met tyler severance and Harold owens on a trip to az and i had so much fun and learned alot and i have bought tons of more yoyos and im moving to az! , i live in ny now and no one yoyos gere pretty much except for like brian melford who lives an hour away from me i get bullied a lot for yoyoing in school but i continue anyway people in ny are mean i love arizona so many people yoyo there and yoyofactory is based by where my family is looking to move!


Originally, to keep up with my friends.


All of you guys have amazing stories so far! How I started off was. One day when I was like 10, my mom randomly got me a 2a Duncan imperial cheap butt one from walgreens. Did not like it nor did I understand it at all 1 bit. Now for my 14th birthday which was aug3, my mom got the same one. I still could not do anything more than a gravity pull with it. So I did a little research, found put that there were responsive AND unresponsive yoyos, got my first “real” yoyo which was the new velocity like 2 days after my bday because I wanted to try out a “real” yoyo so that came in 2 days, now here I am, getting a new DM2 tomorrow and talking and goofing around with cool yoyo people on forums. Taking yoyo 1 step at a time.


I’ve never set out to be a good yoyoer. Yoyos originally were just helping me through a tough time (and are still are) it just turned out to be much more than that.


Back then in Malaysia, yoyoing wasn’t something that was picked up by anyone.
At least, until some dude by the name of Hans Van Dan Elzen showed up in the late 90s and his commercials are everywhere, and the Proyos that followed even made it to almost every 7-Eleven and gas stations and nearly every kid had one at some point. And of course, we all wanted to do tricks like Hans did, to impress our peers!


To get them yoyo royalties.


Haha, belly laugh time.


To get that money kid.


My main goal in yoyoing other than just enjoying it is to have my own model with a company. I don’t need a sponsorship, I just have to get noticed somehow, and have my own yoyo. Even just a colorway for me or something.

I want my name on a yoyo.


When your famous, can you please mention me? I’ll promote your yoyos if I can have them for free ;D


Not seeing people attempt different styles, which is why I do 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, double dragon, doubles, 1AD, the real 3a, and a little bit of möbius


https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=690824197601022&id=100000203436895&set=a.189348257748621.56059.100000203436895&__user=100000203436895 success :smiley: I love my sponsor


Haha. Maybe…

I think I would give one to some yoyoers I know motivated me.

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This video (though I was just a year into yoyoing then)


Long story short…

Jensen Kimmitt.