NewHampshire Yoyo Meet-Up! September 12th!

(DOGS) #81

True story.
I launched my 'busa as high as I could and it almost killed Steve, but then it bounced in between I think Jim and Joey. It came like 3 inches away from both of their faces. Not to mention that wasn’t the only time I almost killed Joey. Sorry bud, you know it’s just my ninja instinct! I actually forget what I did to him, must have been so traumatic it became repressed…


4xl jimmy hats

(DOGS) #83

Oh yes that’s right. I was using Ben’s 4XL. I had pull started it but I didn’t know it was responsive so I gave it a bit of slack and it shot back. Instead of hitting my hand it looped back out again and almost hit Joey in the face. Good times


hahaha it was like half an inch away from my face :o I was only there for like fifteen minutes and Pat was already trying to kill me :smiley:

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I blame Ben for lubing all of his bearings before he left ;D

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Pictures are up! Note that I wasn’t focusing on tricks. Meets are about the people involved.


My personal favorites:

EDIT: Before hitting himself in the 'nads. Sorry… I had to post it.


i look like such a wierdee lol


Oh no beware the asian invasion lol those little kids must have followed us for 3 hours


I love the side style trick I was going to do…


Hey I know this is off topic but I made it into that talent show


btw, My MMN has scruffs on the rims thanks to whoever walked the dog with it, Ima try some sick string (have I betrayed the club?)


Yes you have…

Also that could just be nickel plating tricking your eyes…


Am I banned from the next meet? :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, the MM had a little water related accident, so the scruffs are covered by oxidization…


Yup, now you officially can’t come. Sorry dude. But AirGlow String is where its at.


Well, you not on the team so… not really. whisper he’s not on the team right Jim? whisper


He is not on the team…


the string just doesn’t hold tension well enough for me, I mean, If I start out with slack tricks it’ll work fine, but if I were to do slacks later on in a preformance…ehhh…


If you are going to order then don’t complain.

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I’ve never had a problem with AG’s tension. It depends on the tricks YOU are doing: Some tricks build tension, some releive it. Don’t blame the string man.

I didn’t really get enough shots to make a complete video of this meet but I think the pictures of the people involved did it enough justice. Sorry to the people who were only on video… it’s as if you never existed now :wink: . Mabye I can get some stills from the videos you were in so you can have a “picture” in that post.


Very true. If the your yoyo spins out and you pull it back up it WON’T have perfect tension. I can garuntee you that you will never find a string with perfect tension.

As Pat said don’t blame me, its the player that affects the string.