NewHampshire Yoyo Meet-Up! September 12th!




If my punishment was losing the club championship today then consider me punished!!!


Inside your like YES!!!

I miss that 4XL already lol


I miss that 4XL already lol


got a meteor, 888x and Modded FHZ

Awesome day, just got back, THANKS GUYS!!!

whens the next meet?


got a TFL, 4XL, and $40


Dear Dana,

Just because I got a P2 doesn’t mean I don’t want yours… I have been keeping it in good hands…


Also Thanks guys for a great turn out. I can’t wait for next month. I really had a fun time and hope to have Dana here next month.

Shout outs go to

Joey (and Pedro)
And all the others…

See you guys soon…


(DOGS) #68

Too bad I had to leave sooner than expected, I was prepared to stay till 6 or so. How long did you guys stick around for? I didn’t get rid of all the yoyos I wanted to though :frowning: .


I got my P2 and I am happy.

I <3 Projects and General-Yos.


and to whoever had that B-grade 888, 07, I WANT IT , Ill buy it next month!!!




I just got home. I had an awsome time. Thanks for the awsome deal on the Hattrick Steve.


inside I’m like PHEW!!!

now I’m like Uh O’ ;D


ps: Pat almost killed a guy doing offstring


Pat’s a yoyo ninja, he may have just been sending the guy a message.

He also tried to kill himself doing 1a


Its mine and most likely not for trade i love that thing.

Also as far as the attempted murder. I was just standing there watching pat when all of a sudden he flings it like 150 feet in the air, but the wind caught it and it made its way toward me. I lost sight of it so i braced for impact, but it ended up landing next to me. lol


lol wish i could have stayed longer


So much fun again, I can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully we will do these year round.

BTW Steve, I tuned all the vibe out of the P2, dead smoooooooth. Plays like a new one. :smiley:


I wish I never bought the Hatrick. I like it so much I’ll have to buy another one. Maby two… There goes all my money. Thanks a lot Steve. >:(


ey steve, i gotta have either that genesis or severe… >:( >:( >:(