NewHampshire Yoyo Meet-Up! September 12th!


alas, i’ve found the problem…lindy loops make your string’s tension go haywire…


Are you blaming me for your string tension still, its getting pathetic…


Dont be hatin’!


I apologize for the crap I posted, I was pretty angry yesterday,

Got double morning detention for something I didn’t do…

that means less then 6 hours of sleep…

However, I still am looking for that perfect string, every string has it’s problems, Airglow is great for tech tricks and whips and lasts forever.

However, i still am looking for perfect string, looking to try g-string NOLY, secret sick string and perfect fit Kevlar’s.


oh, and ben, bring your electric drill and sandpaper next meeting, i dinged my meteor…on concrete…four times…


Just so you know, I have a lathe and I got 80% of the dings out of Steve’s old Bully. If I really wanted to take the time I could have gotten rid of all them. Way faster than sand paper.

Anyway, Ben does and awsome job. Just letting you know a lathe could to it in a lot less time.


yes, but its not portable, is it?


Anything is portable… anything

(DOGS) #109

I love my portable house.


my portable dremel is a piece of… go with the lathe. xD My electric drill does a good job though.


anyone want to meetup in MA this saturday/sunday? Looking forward to trying a protostar/northstar


Where and when and what time?


oct. 2, Milton MA, turners pond noon to five, you are welcome to come late/ come early/stay late


I have to talk to ma parents, it maybe to late of a notice.


pat, after throwing my y-factor a bit, i have realized that you have my bearing in your y-factor, i had a 10 ball, now its a spec. :o


False, I got the Y-Factor from pat, and I switched out the bearing to an AIGR. Before it was a spec.

Also are you going to give me the slip and box for the MiniStar, you aren’t responding to my PMs.


next meet, then why does my 10ball say YYF? :’(


This should have been taken care of in pms. :wink:


it should’ve, but I was too lazy to seach “patrickcondon” In the users search :smiley:

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That’s all I got to say