newbie needs yo yo advise

I used to yoyo all the time as a kid. My son came home with a $ store auto wind one. I showed him how to do a few basic tricks like walk the dog, around the world…ect. I then ordered a yoyo factory whip. I didn’t know that you had to make it bind to come back up. I can’t do that 99% of the time. I want buy another one that’s good quality that will return with a tug. Any suggestions? looking for a good quality one that will help me learn some tricks. I’ll keep working with the ball bearing one, but it looks like it will be a while before I get any good at that.

Please help, thanks in advance.


The YoYo Jam Dark Magic 2 is a great choice for beginners. It features a slim bearing so spins long, but can be returned with a tug. It also offers the option to swap the bearing for a wider one should you progress further.

If that’s a little too steep to spend on your first yoyo (it’ll feel like pocket change after a while, haha), then I’d suggest the YoYo Factory Velocity. It’s also a ball bearing model, but it has dials on the sides to change the gap width, allowing you to switch between tug-responsive and bind-responsive.

Good luck! I hope you get as hopelessly addicted as the rest of us.

Lots of the time when new-to-yoyoing people bind they forget to pinch the string and drag it downwards towards the bearing of the yoyo. So remember to pinch lol

Thanks, I like the idea of the velocity… Looks like that one may be good for me… Any others that would be around that price range?

Thanks, I’m sure your right. I never even knew they had YOYOs like this before…


For $10, the Yoyojam classic is probably the best starting yoyo. I can hit all advanced tricks on it and it will be responsive, which means it will be tug responsive. If you advance and want a higher quality unresponsive yoyo you can just purchase a $5 bearing and $3 response pads and you are set

A cheap route to go would be to buy a Yoyojam Classic for $10. It comes with a narrow bearing for tug-responsiveness and is one of the best beginner yo-yos out there.

A cheaper route to go is to put some thick bearing lube in your whip’s bearing and double or triple loop the string around it. That will make it responsive. If you don’t have any bearing lube, you can use sewing machine oil or that 3 in 1 oil stuff.

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One of those yoyos that will grow with you is a good 'ol yoyofactory one (Begginers kit)

The one that got me to my level, however was the Dv888. A beast.

thanks guys. I just ordered one of the classic and the velocity ones.

thanks again,


As noted above, lube the bearing in the whip. Lube will make most any yoyo tugresponsive.

As mentioned for lower cost yoyos, the YYJ classic, and for a bit more the DM II is a good choice.

I’ve heard good things about the classic for only $10 and most yomegas are great for beginners before I got past the first couple sections on the yoyoexpert trick list they were my favorite brand