Brought wrong yoyo?

So I recently bought my first yoyo( a Yotec triple switch) found out its a advanced yoyo and now I can’t do crap. Are there any thing I can do with it or should I get a new one?

It seems that you can switch the yoyo to a more beginner-friendly mode by rotating the cap

Looks like a clutch-type auto-return yoyo to me. Amazing what some people will call advanced. For starters, yeah, it’s good. Get your throw and return and gravity pull down. After that, useless.

What do you need? Where are you skill-wise? Recommendations are hard to make off such a request, especially considering what you currently have.

I’d recommend a Velocity due to the adjustable response, or the Classic with a spare bearing and response pads as extra items so you can grow from responsive to unresponsive.

I am a complete beginner are your reccommendations brginner?

yoyojam classic with a spare unresponsive bearing is the way to go. also pick up a bundle of 100% polyester strings.

OK, good. I can relate to complete beginners.

If you want a yoyo that as-is can go from tug responsive to unresponsive, the YoYoFactory Velocity is ideal. You can turn the dials in the rims and take the yoyo from way too responsive to dead unresponsive and anything in between. Affordable, durable, fun, a touch light though, but at this point, that’s OK. It’s cheap enough that you won’t mind when you decided to get something else, but you’ll also keep this around for fun.

Another ideal beginner choice is the YoYoJam Classic. It comes with a slim bearing a rubber o-ring response. The yoyo as-is is a responsive yoyo. You can order a full size C bearing(the stock bearing is half width) to make the yoyo go unresponsive, and for better performance, you can add compatible response pads or use flowable silicone. The issue is that you either have to order new parts right away and hold on to them, or you order them later on but then you have to pay shipping/postal fees again. Trust me, the little bit of “do it yourself” will be very rewarding, and it’s easy to do.

Another option is the Legacy II. You might have heard of the very popular Dark Magic II. The Legacy II is the all-plastic version. The yoyo in the box has a slim bearing pre-installed and so the yoyo is responsive. Included in the package is a YoYoJam SPEED bearing, which is a full sized C bearing. When you’re ready to move to unresponsive play, simply swap the bearing out and the yoyo goes unresponsive. This also has the better response pads that I recommend you get for the Classic, are already pre-installed into this yoyo. While a few dollars more than a Classic plus the upgrades, it’s a complete package.

While I strongly recommend the Dark Magic II(often called a DM2) at this point is maybe you don’t want to spend that kind of money yet. That’s OK, because there are many amazing budget-friendly yoyos. We’re talking great stuff at extremely low prices and no junk! Why spend it yet?

I also second the recommendation for a 100-count of 100% polyester. Ignore the ‘advanced’ term associated with it. For string trick yoyos, it really is what you should get even if you’re a beginner.