New yoyo

I’m looking to buy a semi responsive yoyo I’ve been toying for bout a month now I’m ok not the greatest yet I can use a unresponsive yoyo.

You can make any unresponsive yoyo semi responsive with a help of some thick lube.

Or you can buy YYF Velocity

Yoyojam classic with a centertrak bearing sounds right

That right there. I would consider myself in the advanced stage of the learning process, and I still love using the Classic. If you want to play semi responsive you can just clean the slim bearing it comes with and it will be fairly unresponsive for a slim bearing. Or like sparhawk said, get a CT bearing, or just lube any bearing with a good amount of lube and you will be playing semi-responsive.

Velocity > Classic

I forgot to mention I have a dark magic two just got it a little while ago so just use thick lube on it and is their a max width or gap between the halves of the yoyo for it to be responsive cause I like the wider gap when I try to do a brain twister it just stops it almost immediately after one loop with the narrower bearing it came with. Am I just having the string touching the sides to much or what I can’t figure it out