well i purchased the freehand mg, and it doesnt come back up to my hand? ??? what gives? is my yoyo broken?

your help appreciated,

I really hope you don’t mean a Duncan Freehand Magnesium, that’s one crazy expensive yo-yo for someone who doesn’t seem to know how to bind. Anyway I would hope a yo-yo that pricey comes unresponsive, so here is the video you need to get it back to your hand.
This feels like a troll but I’m always willing to help if I actually have any knowledge on the subject matter.

Erm… how rich are you? Or did you get it gifted??? Anyways, yeah. You can also thick lube the bearing while your practicing, so it’ll come back up.

You actually have a 500dollar yoyo as your first? Crazy move… But awesome in a way… ;D

Can you do the triple mcdoogle twist with it???

Ok, you can lubricate the bearing which you can find up there^^^^ somewhere, in the shop/accesories/yoyojam lube.

here you go

I think he means FHZ(I hope at least), Because I’m pretty sure they are Out of Production. What parent would buy there kid a MG(I wish Mine Would). But, learn to bind or lube it.

Obvious troll is obvious?

I love how serious people took this thread. XD

Samad, is this like… a joke?

P.S. He is lying… only Chuck Norris can do a Triple McDoogle Twist. I mean come on people, I thought you guys yoyoed!

What the heck is a triple mcdoogle twist? O_O

its a trick i made up… ill post a tut for it, but my yoyo is broken and wont go back into my hand so dont judge me for that

ILOVEASIANS go learn binding. :wink:
Tuts posted up there. =)

Wait so he did get a Duncan Freehand Magenesium for his first yo-yo?!

Common sense says so…
But Imagine if he did…

^__________^ Don’t imagine…

Yeah, it is.

Some of you guys are so gullible. Xdohls and I owned ya’lls on April Fools! :stuck_out_tongue:
Btw, gullible isn’t in the dictionary. ;D

Not that gullible… besides it want even April 1st lol