New YYE Sticker


Someone posted here a while back about the sticker not changing. They just changed it. This foil sticker will start shipping with orders.


Guess now I’ll have to order SOMETHING to keep the sticker on my custom YYE snapback updated :smiley:

(LordCanti) #3

That looks epic ;D





I love the new sticker; got one in my Shutter package just this week.

rock on…


(Erik Kerber ) #6



The should let you pick whether you want the foil or the classic sticker, I don’t like the foil.


When you place an order, there is a box that allows you to enter comments for the order. You can enter a comment to request an original sticker, instead of the foil one.

In the alternative, after you place an order, you can email with your order number, and request the original sticker instead of the foil one.

Or, you can take the foil sticker, and trade with someone who has a ton of those original stickers, to generate some feedback for yourself.


the new stickers are pretty cool.

(DOGS) #10

I got a neat one.

(Erik Kerber ) #11