Yoyo Stickers!


Sorry if this is in the wrong section but does anyone know where I can get yoyo stickers besides YYF and CLYW? Preferably Duncan.



I have a few small Duncan stickers from 5 years ago. They came with a butterfly I believe… Honestly not sure where you can get them though…


Maybe try contacting the companies. The most they can do is say no…


The traveling throw, g squared, monkey finger, c3yoyodesign, yoyoffficer, and string lab all give out stickers (i can see all the stickers on my laptop right now)


Next time you place an order with us make a note requesting some extra stickers, we’ll hook you up. ;D



(Robomelon) #7

Gotta do that on my next order, my laptop looks so empty without obscure yoyo companies on the back ;D

(yoyobro!) #8

I will totally do this!