New YoYoFactory Overthrow & GenXs!


Just got an Overthrow!

Can confirm, the Overthrow is a Nine Dragons shell. Finally, a Nine Dragons that’s actually worth owning! :fire: :hot_pepper:

It is indeed very noisy, but that’s an unavoidable side effect of the design. It uses an incredibly thin shell for the body, so it definitely amplifies sound way more than any other plastic I own. You absolutely will want to thin lube the bearing on this one. But for a purpose, read on!

The metal rims give it almost all its overall weight which is kind of an awesome extreme in yo-yo design. The Overthrow may possibly be as minimalistic of a plastic yoyo with weight rings as you can could possibly design; it has the response area and enough aluminum hub (short metal axle) for the plastic shells to firmly attach the weight rings … and that’s it!

Anyway, the Overthrow is :cool:. The only reason not to get one is if you super dislike large plastic yo-yos. But as a large plastic yo-yo enthusiast (hello there Big Bang) this is a very interesting extreme in yo-yo design, kudos YYF. I give it a :+1:


A lot of people always say the nine dragons isn’t worth owning. I haven’t gotten around to trying it, but I feel like it would be a blast. I really enjoy z-stacks, so I feel like I would enjoy the nine dragon.


Feel free to try it for yourself and see! It is best to view Nine Dragons as a kind of wacky science experiment :crazy_face:


The nine dragons is pretty fun to mess around with since you can just grab it at anytime. I think they’re worth trying out, but probably won’t end up being an everyday kind of throw.


How exactly do you pop out the weight rings? I want to try that but I’m afraid I will mess it up. Are the aluminum rings just pressure fit in the shells, not glued at all?


Interference fit. No glue.


Yeah, no glue and they’re pretty easy to pry out. I just used the rubber handle end of a pair of pliers so I wouldn’t scratch the rings.


Aha that was the tip I needed, thank you!