New YoYoFactory Overthrow & GenXs!



YoYoFactory believes real rim weight should be for more then just appearances, it should push the performance and be the driving force behind the design. With a lightweight polycarbonate plastic body and chunky aluminum rings that make up two thirds of the total weight, the OVERTHROW is prime example of what extreme rim weight can bring to the table. The oversized yet lightweight design has an impressive spin power and stability with an ease of control in play that will keep you coming back for more!


After dozens of recent requests for pocket throws YoYoFactory knew they needed to create something special for their fans. The goal was an undersized throw that wouldn’t sacrifice spin time or maneuverability and that’s exactly what the GenXs delivers! Looking into YoYoFactory’s arsenal of designs there was one throw that always offered maximum stability, maximum spin, & maximum performance - the GENESIS. The classic shape was scaled down and the rim weight carefully re-distributed to keep the qualities that made Genesis so special, now in an Xtra-Small design.

While slim, agile, and powerful don’t always go hand in hand, the GenXs delivers on all fronts with true performance you can take with you anywhere!

(Ken) #2

their hybrid is more expensive than the monometal.


Well it is much bigger…

(ZAC) #4

I was just wondering when these would release. I think the prices are great. I would pay 55 for the Overthrow all day.


Plus if you have a nine dragons, a popstar, and an overthrow you can make this thing…

I’m not saying you should make it since it weighs 120 grams, but you can.

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

I’m curious how the GenXs spin time and stability compare to, say, a CLYW Pickaxe.

(Jim Honaker) #7

That is awesome!


I love my blue/green GenXs. It has been in my pocket since I got it. I already scuffed it up, whatever - Boba Fett cool now.

Not a fan of the Overthrow, too loud for me.

(Jacob Waugh) #9

please make a video on how to make it, how it plays, etc.


The GenXs looks pretty similar in size/weight to the Gfunk, which is a throw I have enjoyed in the past.


Yeah similar, probably closer to the Yuuksta. Either way it’s really fun!

It’s 120 grams so it plays like it’s in a fight to the death with gravity. Dead smooth though surprisingly lol.


Gotcha, makes sense.

(Jacob Waugh) #13

How did you find out that you could do that though?

(Robert Shaw) #14

Why do you need all three? Wouldn’t an overthrow and a pop star be enough? Also thread idea: what Frankenstein-yos can you build?


There’s a bunch of yo-yos you can swap out with the nine dragons shells. And the Overthrow shell is just a sliiiiightly different than the nine dragons so I popped out the weight rings and they fit.

No, you would need the nine dragons for the free spinning hub pieces. But, not a bad idea for a thread lol.

(Robert Shaw) #16

You need to film some tricks with your new heavyweight. Maybe you can call it the Iron Mike.



You need to try this 137 gram Titanium fixed axle I picked up. It scares me to look at it.


This made me remember the Chameleon from my last yoyo meet. :sweat_smile: a crazy 80mm yoyo weighing 113g that I struggle to even bind since gravity was pulling it so great!


I tried swapping out the bearing on my Overthrow and it was much quieter, but for some reason the spin time decreased. Can’t figure out why that would be.

(Justin ) #20

The yoyo might be lubed. Lubed bearings are quieter but also have slightly lower spin times compared to a bearing that is not lubed.