New yoyoer

Hey people im a new yoyoer, just started with the speed beetle. I wanted to know which one i should get the throw monkey, flying panda, FH Zero, or something else not too expensive

get a kickside

Duncan yoyos are good, but because of the response system (what grabs the string so it comes back to your hand) they choose to use in their yoyos, you would need to mess around with that fairly often, so I would like to suggest any of the plastic yoyos from YYJ (YoYoJam) or YYF (YoYoFactory). One example is the Kickside. There are several other choices from those companies; none of them are any better than others, they’re just different, and they’re all great.

it depends what style you are going for if it is string tricks I suggest an x-convict or darkmagik not to pricey and pack alot of play…but you would need to learn to bind.