new yoyo

So I want another yoyo and want you guys’ opinion on which one I will make a pole of the ones I am thinking of try to vote in the pole only if you own or have tried the yoyo…if you have another suggestion for a yoyo under 120 please respond and tell me…i already have a superstar :wink:

If you like the shape of the SuperStar, try theG or Genesis.


The 888 is pretty good.

my only problem with the 888 is the small bearing…im a big bearing guy!

And then Winnie The Pooh found the North Pole, which turned out to be just a regular pole.

Sorry, just had to do that one.

I believe the 888 comes with a large bearing. I’ll bring my suggestions though.

  • Skyy Chaser
  • Eneme
  • Night Moves 5
  • Vendetta
  • MayheM
  • P2
  • Bully
  • Unknown
  • Add $20 and get a Stardust 2

The 888 comes in large and small bearing.