New yoyo


What would be a good yoyo that’s stable, midsized, and fast? Preferably aluminum and on the cheaper side.


I think the new SuperStar might fit your preferences if you can wait.

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Strix may be a good option for you. It’s fast and stable. Nice shape and bearing. So far I’m enjoying mine. MagicYoyo N12 is a great choice too.


How cheap? Like di base 2 cheap, or like strix cheap? Anyway id say di base 2.

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They’re the same price. Both cost 55 dollars. You sir, are very observant.


I recommend taking a look at Aoda and Magic yo-yos. You can find some for $10 if not cheaper. They play quite well too. If you want to go with a big brand, I like the DV888. May be a bit small for your taste though.


Oh… Where I buy yoyos, its $35… I should get one then =D


Oh, cheaper to me is below 70 or 80.

After looking, I think the Strix, Capless, and n12 look nice to me. Even though two aren’t really midsized, more v shaped yoyos feel smaller.


You should try the MagicYoyo N12 if you don’t mind vibe, it spins well and is stable, and it costed me $18. However, mine vibes like a muscle car, so that might make you not want one.

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My N12 has zero vibe so I guess it depends on which one you get. Maybe I got lucky.


Maybe I got unlucky, who knows?