New yoyo

Ok. I’m looking to step up from a dv888 and I’ve been looking at some yoyos. I thinking about the freq. wave, supernova, genesis, or code 2. I have small hands and fingers too.

Any comments?

I got a Di base for my birthday recently and I love it! Might want to consider that too
The reason I like the Di base is…
It’s shape
Sleep time
Having the extra o rubber rings ( very handy)
And lots of other stuff but I absolutely love this Yoyo it’s my all time favorite now! (Not this has to do with the yoyos you were looking into but it is a truly great Yoyo)

If you’re worried about your small fingers, then get a DiBase or a Token or stick with the dv888.

Otherwise, step up to full sized. Unless your fingers are stumps, you’ll most likely do fine with most yoyos.

Freq. Wave: smooth, solid, stable, great grinder and horizontal player and stupid cheap. I don’t understand how RecRev keeps their yoyos so affordable. Amazing.

YYF Genesis and Supernova: Don’t have them, don’t want them. So, ignore this paragraph.

One Drop’s Code2 is nothing short of a competition beast, but it’s shape isn’t as conducive for Horizontal play. The tweaking you can do with side effects might be a good thing to mess with. Another sure-fire winner.

If the Code 2 is what you’re after, but you’re fine with a fixed-weight throw, then consider the Burnside.

If my 6 year old kid is fine with full sized yoyos with his small hands, you’ll be fine too. Don’t let the size of your hands and/or fingers prevent you from getting something great.

I havent tried any of thoseyoyos but i was in your position once before two. The supernova and genesis are both great. You really wont be disappointed in either one you get. Recently there was a post on supernova or genesis and it was during the time when presidents were getting elected. Maany people voted on genesis more than supernova. Like i said you wont be disapointed by either. The code 2 I feel is just a little bit higher and advanced when it comes down to play. Some people even like it more than the chief which is pretty impressing. If i were you i would easily go for the code 2
Hope this helped :wink:

If you have small hands, I would say that the code 2 is your best bet. It’s shape is very easy to grip. It is also one of the best throws on the market today. I would not worry about your hands. I have taught at least thirty different people of different ages to throw and I have never had a problem of the yoyo being too large for someone’s hands. This does include small children and adults alike, both male and female, and I almost invariably give the one learning a protostar (or that shape), or a duncan raptor with absolutely no problems (aside from one absolute heart attack when I said “be careful with my raptor” only to have my near mint throw smashed against the ground… No damage luckily, or I would still be chasing that kid :)) well back to the point, the code two is my choice out of those, though the supernova is amazing too… but it is kind of a throw that is for a specific role, which you don’t seem to need as much as an all around good throw.

anybody else?

Freehand Zero

Out of these yoyos, I only have the dv888, but I have played with my brother’s Supernova. I can say that the Supernova is much better with stability and spin time. It vibes much less. And if you are worried about the size, my 8 year old brother can use it just fine. Sorry I can’t help with any of the other throws.

Code 2 is amazing! Great grinder.Good for side ways play and DA Side effects!