new yoyo??

I am thinking about getting another yoyo… Suggestions??

What’s your current yoyo? What’s your budget?

I just got the RecRev Facade.

Awesome throw and it’s cheap!

Do you know how to bind?

If you don’t get a Dark Magic II this amazing yo-yo comes with a responsive bearing and a speed bearing.

You can move from beginner to advanced on this yo-yo.

Personally it is one of my favorites.

what’s your budget?

25-30 dollars probably… really it depends on the yoyo and how much I am willing to spend at that point.


Or spend $5 more and consider the Northstar or Protostar or get both the PSG and the Asteroid and have a little change left over!

PSG , Chaser , Lyn Fury and Speek Maker are good throws for less, definitely a good assortment of plastic throws from YYJ that would meet your needs and price. Don’t forget about the BST, lots of good quality throws on there for less than original price. You could probably end up with several throws for a decent price.