new yoyo

I’m looking for a cheep yo yo that cost around 20-30 dollars, because school’s almost out and my mom gave me $50. I already bought a contest bag and need a yo yo. I am considering a yyj legacy2, yyf F.A.S.T 201 and a yyf firedog, yyj pinnacle,or a adegle psg.

Do you know how to bind?

If you do, get the Adelge PSG.

Are you looping? If so get a Fast 201 or Firedog.

Responsive? Get a Legacy2, later on you can mod it.

yes, I can bind. Actually, I am really good at yoyoing

How good? :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a PSG.

define how good.

I personally would get a chaser, or a light up freehand hand zero and some silicone stickers

Hold out for the Trigger. 70 grams, but man, sa-weet! As soon as those drop, I’m getting one!(maybe 2)

I can’t share pricing out of respect, but it’s gonna be in your price range.

Otherwise, yeah, Chaser for sure. Legacy II is nice. Or save a few more bucks and get a Protostar or Northstar.

When is the trigger coming out? What brand?

The Trigger is Johnny Delvalle’s latest all plastic signature yoyo made by YYJ. Not sure when it’s coming out. Soon!