new yoyo

 witch yoyo should i get the one who gets the most votes and YOU guys like the best i will get. 

I think this is about the time to break you in here. It is all preference, get the yoyo you want the most. If you want to pick out from these three you might aswell just do it lottery style. But I can see that your fav. yoyo is the 888, and if you like your yoyos undersized, you should get a skyline, while the pyros are a tad bigger.

I agree.

pyros are fat

skyline ftw

i have a qustion about the skyline. Can you thumb grind on it easly?

from the picture, it looks like It could do a thumbgrind really well. I have been practicing the thumbgrind. I can’t tell if you put your thumb in the big loop near the middle, or if you put it in the smaller outside ring. If you put your thumbin the big hole, then that yoyo would grind really good. But if you put your thumb on the outside one, then it doesn’t look like it would go too well.

I agree with a few other people. It is tottally up to you on what you should get. It is completely your decision.

If you have fat thumbs, you may need to play with nubs if you want to use the IRG.

I dont understand. How do they all fit your preferences if they are all totally different yoyos? Check out this thread, and answer these questions:,653.0.html

I know i like them because i tryed all of them out before.

Then look at the thread, and answer the questions.

get the sxyline

i dicided to get a skyline it fit my style greatly.