new yoyo

ya I know there’s like a thousand of these things but I need help. I think I want a Jamboo because It seems so different (yes I know how easily they fall apart). I have a Dark Magic and want somthing differrent, so any suggestions. And by the why I’d preffer something below 100 bucks but I’ve got 130

An M1! The Jamboo is uneven too… because of wood, so you’ll have vibes.

ahhh. Ill look in to it ;D

I looked into the M1 and turns out naaa, but I found out I think I want the California


i dont know your skill level but If I had 130 bucks id get a Black or Silver Lily!

If your gonna get the Cali, look into the DNA, Skyline, or Superstar. I’ve tried the Cali, and don’t care for it too much. Not a very popular yoyo. I can kinda see why. Or go Hugo Z Hor, or Noctu. Nice, and different.

well if you really want a cali go for it
yes I have thrown one
I feel like the cali the same way I think about the speedr…
its shape is weird
plus they are out of production and out of stock anywhere I can find them

If you want a different yoyo, I would say go for the Noctu. Noctu is one of the few yoyos which is the only one in its shape. The Noctu is said to play very good and i whink you will like it. Again, it is 130 dollars. But if money isn’t an issue, I would say the Noctu is one of your best picks. The Hugo Z Hor isn’t a bad yoyo either, it’s sharp and cheaper than a Noctu. But if you just want a yoyo that’s different I say go for the Noctu.