New "rough and tumble" yoyo

I want a new yoyo that is good and plays well but one that isn’t to expensive to ding, I would like it to be either full metal or metal rimmed, I already have:

YYF Protostar,
YYF DV888,
YYJ Dark Magic,
YYJ Legacy,
Duncan FHZ

Any suggestions?

I suggest the X-Convict it is really good, smooth, and if you get it get some shims and silicone pads to make unresponsive.

get a campfire

I said a in expensive yoyo and you say a campfire which is like $75:00/£69:00, don’t know if that is right?

IMO, the Protostar is perfect.

I know, I might get another one because I like to much so I don’t want to screw it up, I think the protostar is awesome though I love it!!! ;D

I was searching one of my favorite yoyo stores and I think I will probably buy a YYJ Atmosphere, can anyone tell me what they are like?

IDK if you can find one but a Dingo by onedrop is about 50 bucks and they are great.

Mabye buy an m1 off of the bst

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