New Yoyo

Hey, my yoyo broke today :confused:

I have so far had a yotec yoyo and didnt like too much because it was very responsive and hard to sleep
I then bought a duncan looping yoyo (By mistake i didnt know the differences between yoyos then) the other day and the string has now snapped :confused:

I an now thinking anout buying
All i want to do is sleeping sting tricks and my parents wont let me spend too much on a yoyo. Could you links me with a low maintinece noob yoyo. Thanks

You should get Velocity :).

There too expensive, Im looking for something cheap and dont break easy

That’s gonna be hard…cheap yoyos are easy to break…nothing comes to mind, is the shipping the problem? Or is it just the money for the yoyo?

Ive had a good look at the yoyoexpert shop and because i like in the UK theres no point because the shipping cost more than the yoyo. I have about £10 to spend on the yoyo all together but becuase my parents are buying it i have to get it from ebay

Try this.