new yoyo

well right now i have a draft made out, i’m going to work on a new yoyo and if it’s good i might give them or sell them, im not sure it’s ganna be a wooden one, not sure what kind yet but ill need to measurements and other stuff but for now here is the draft, if you can make this into a yoyo go ahead, but for now il ganna work on it, and if you do make it into a yoyo tell me, so i can see how it came out, thanksw for the help comment for more

2.5 Inches is a pretty darn wide yoyo, might consider making it smaller.

yeah haha, i suppose so but i mean it was just a sketch for now but i got no one to help me work on it, like i want to make a yoyo like this, but i need help and parts, im thinking bout going to the hardware store or like homedepot and seeing if they have anything that might come in handy, i got the wood i just need proper tools, bearings, and finish

Yeah I agree… Thats like wider than a big yo. And that is pretty dang big. I like the idea of you making your own yoyos, that is just epic. Good luck man.

thanks, tonight ill post a new picture with good colors and the full yoyo, like in the picture thats what i kinda wanted the yoyo to look like, thats to scale, in the picture but i mean yeah the width i messed up on, but yeah if you got any ideas right now tell me because im open for suggestions

you should make the response, o-rings or silicon. But hey, it’s your design!

yeah thats what i had down first but im not sure if they would go with it, i was thinking of making up my own response system, or silicon o rings and friction stickers, but im not sure, i was thinking of other designes but i dont know i kinda like the black with red trim and then the white skull, but hey it’s not what i want it’s what you want, haha that sounded bad

ill try to have the better picture scanned and up tonight but im not sure if i can ill try so it might go up at about… 8:00 pm, est

new specs are here, take a look and tell me what you think, ohh and the radius is wrong, thats the circumference, and the diamater is 2 in., so yeah well here it is, tell me what you think

1/2’’ is wicked small when i meant a smaller width i meant around 2’’

You could make a prototype on candle wax.

i was looking at that but i thought it would seem too big, im kinda going for a mosquito kinda look but metal and different response and symbol, but yeah i know it’s a little too small haha, next time we chill i might have it done so i’ll show you then


Well, so far thats my first idea, ill work on more each day, but what do you mean “on candle wax?”

i made this one in class too, for now, i tried to make it what it would look actual size and i went to my fathers work the other day and found out he has special tools that can be used to make yoyo’s. mainly aluminum but other metals work too, so tell me what you think.