Yoyo Design

Hey guys I only started yoing about a month ago so I don’t know much about it. I finished my exam early today so I was bored and sketched this any advise on how I can make it better?

This is a frame of half the yoyo with bearing seat and all.

The yoyo specs:
bearing: C

Now in 3D



Let me know what you think but dont be too harsh :stuck_out_tongue:

You’d better round the outside edges! Ouch! :slight_smile:

If you smoothened the ridges on the interior, i could see it working

Well made though for just being bored after an exam

more like this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thanks, well lets just say i get really creative when im bored ;D

You may want to add so rim weight to that thing, it looks a little unstable due to more weight in the middle then the sides…

Is this rim size better? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:





Loving this design :wink:



Looks like it to me. :slight_smile:


whoa howd you make that?

the side effects look a little pointy. dont stab yourself :slight_smile:

Dang that looks good.

it must be a solid 3A playing yoyo

make the axle thicker and it shouldnt be so tall

I cannot make the axle thicker this is the size of the bearing.
Thanks it looks cool ey :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow - that looks really sweet!

I would still shift the ‘bubble’ in the middle just slightly more to the rim - but good job! Looks awesome…

(good to see I not the only person from SA on here any more :wink:

I made it thicker and rounder at the edges ;D


tht looks so cool

Looks awesome!!! What are you using to make this?

I made the response groove 1.5mm deep and 4mm wide is that ok? This is only going to be used with flowable silicone ;D. The inner step for bearing is 0.8mm and the outer one is 1mm.


Im using the evaluation of CAD sorfware called rhinoceros 3D

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