new yoyo

Im thinking of witch yoyo im going to get next.

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They’re all great. At you great at binding?

Kinda funny
I own a Dark Magic
My friend had a New Breed( R.I.P New Breed: About 3 days of throwing)
I know three people with Protostars
And one person w/ a Speed Dial

Dark Magic- A good intermediate player. If you want an stock unresposive throw then don’t get a Dark Magic.

New Breed- WEAK. It hit the ground once and broke… It was so-so the 3 days it lived. It WAS unresponsive.

Protostar- LOUD. It is loud and vibey. I don’t like it, but my friends seem to. It is good for plastic play and it is unresponsive.

Speed Dial- Good. It is unresponsive and quiet. I almost laughed at my friend for buying it. I tought it was awful, I was wrong. I tried it out of stock so I can’t say anything about the life of it, but I know it hasn’t broken yet.

I would chose Speed Dial if you are done with the intermediate section and know how to bind well.
I’d say Dark Magic if your binds aren’t very good.

Great reveiw! :stuck_out_tongue: (wrong section of the forums.)

And I agree with this:

Hmm “Somebody”, it’s funny. My stock Dark Magic is unresponsive (no shims or anything), my friend’s New Breed has yet to break and he got it the day they came out, his Protostar isn’t loud and is very quiet, and my other friend’s Speed Dial can be responsive or not.

The protostar is best out of those imo. All of those are great, but guess which one Jensen used to take Cal state? Get a flat YFF SPEC bearing with it, pop that sucker in when your done with the Center track bearing. (The center track is like training wheels)