new yoyo to buy (addiction vs. skyline)

I’m planning on getting a new yoyo, and I have some bday money to spend, so I figured I’d upgrade my darkmagicII.

I had determined that I was going to by the skyline yoyo, (the Euro edition), but now that the SPYY addiction just restocked, I had to reconsider. So here I am posting a forum trying to get some advice as to what to do.

I’ve heard great things about the addiction, but I really wanted to get a yoyo with hubstacks…

As for my personal taste, since I’ve only had a dark magic I would say that I really like its shape but want to try an all metal with around the same weight and size. I’m in the advanced section according to this website

Thanks for your help

and i don’t have a lot of time to make a decision because i have a feeling the addictions will be sold out soon

well, the skyline performs as well as the addiction really addiction SEEMS %2 better. though really would you want a yoyo which will perform just as good as skyline but with your wanted hubstacks or the a%1-2 better one that has nothing nothing special into it?

yea I guess that seems reasonable. Its just it seems that everyone LOVES the Addiction and nobody really talks about the Skyline so I don’t know how good it will be.
do you have both of them?

Addiction. Although if you want a raised rim shape, skyline. But addiction’s crazy good.

Skyline preforms “crazy” good as well, even though it has hubstacks.

I personally love hubstacks… but i love the addiction’s look and shape… sorry, i didnt really help… if you get the skyline, deffinently try and get some Z-Stacks, if you had Z-stacks, then that would be a no-brainer of a choice… cause wow, the possibilitys with those things are unreal

The Addiction is fantastic. The Skyline is a great yo-yo, but I like the Addiction much better. Its a preference thing, really. Have you played a hubstacked yo-yo before? If you haven’t and just want to try one out, maybe you should go for a less expensive one to see if it’s something you really like. You can pick up a stacked Plastic Grind Machine for $30 I believe. Its a great yo-yo.

Yes, but I’m not sure “Atom” will be willing to spend $30 just to see how hubstacks feel for him. Even though hubstacks cause vibe, there should be less on a Skyline.

So it’s better to spend $100+ on a Skyline he might not like for hubstacks? Hubstacks can be fun, but they’re more of a novelty unless you get one with z-stacks/Jimmy hats/ta-tas. Id say that if you’re set on getting a higher-end metal yo-yo, go for a One Drop 54. The side effects allow for amazing customization, and you can always get a pair of the side effect hub stacks. I think they’re called rotating side members?

Oh, if you’re talking about 54, here’s what I would say: Beast.

If you want a hubstack yoyo buy skyline if you don’t, buy the addiction