new yoyo = more decisions

So most of my fun with yoyos is not only playing but also collecting. I can get a Project for $65 and my main reason for this is because I love how they look and I’ve always wanted to throw one. The new Sunset Red Pistolero also looks tempting especially at $83 for what will be for sure $100+ when the actual version comes out and not to mention this thing looks stunning. I can’t decide, can you guys help me out? (Please don’t say preference because like I said, I also collect)

Pisterlo for collecting

IMO, I would want the Project for playing, but I’ve never tried a Pistelro…

Project for Playing because you could always get one later and you can collect it!

Pist for Collection/Less Playing.

I chose Project.


Pistoleros are an amazing yoyo, but I would say that its more for show.

Play wise, I prefer the project, but its all opinion.

We will see how the votes go, but I vote project!

Good luck with whatever you choose!


I agree with Jayyo, I bought a Black Pisolero, and while it was an amazing yoyo, dead smooth, I traded for a MarkMont. Mainly because I want a yoyo I can throw around, the Pistolero woulda been cool for my collection, but that’s about it.

The pistolero looks so fun. I already have a project I love it, and I would play the poo out of the pistolero as well.