New Yoyo Holders by Cyclops Customs-

Cyclops Customs

Presents our very first yoyo accessory -

The Cyclops Pouch Pal

-baby blue, red, green, orange

Each Pouch Pal has a little pocket inside to store little things like string or counterweights.

The tail isn’t just for show! It can be used to carry a spare counterweight!

The Pouch Pal is big enough to hold most small to large yoyos, others like the Cliff or super wide will not fit. However, if you would like a pouch Pal for your larger yoyo send me a pm and I will be glad to make it and it will cost exactly the same as the regular Pouch Pal. :slight_smile:

The Pouch pal can be tossed in your backpack, pocket, briefcase or wherever you would normally carry your yoyo, but It does feature a loop that you can use to attach it to your hip with a caribiner so you can show it off.

The velvet Pouch Pal shown in the pictures is a Prototype, the black one is the more refined and final version. I am currently working on more color variations.

Thanks Everyone!

Cool idea! I normally just carry my throw in my pocket…

The pouch looks like it would do a great job at shielding and protecting the yoyo. Hope all goes well!

this looks cool it looks like a portable velvet pouch for your yoyos i like it very innovative especially with the string pocket genius!!! cant wait to see more patterns and colors cause they look amazing! and awesome for carrying yoyos in my backpack at school! ;D

I’m almost set you guys :slight_smile: I’m currently working on the boxes for the Pouch Pal and some baby blue Pouch Pals!

These are 2 of the Final Pals - Black with red and green accents. Orange and blue accents are being worked on as I type!

Pouch Pals are now available for purchase :slight_smile: I will be giving away the velvet prototype to a random member who wrote a reply tomorrow!

can’t wait to see the baby blue and velvet!!

:smiley: Those looks so cool, funny, and weird all at the same time.

Looks like a pretty unique product. I personally have a small messenger bag sachel thing that I keep a few odds and ends in, so a yoyo or two usually lives in there. I have a camping stuff sack I use for a little protection if I’m worried about other stuff possibly damaging the yoyo.

its like making your yoyo into a plush toy… amazing.

I am so going to order one of these! How much are they? I carry my throw in my pocket.

Definitely ordering one of these when I get paid, posting so I remember this thread

saw one of these at VA state yoyo contest it was a little bit worn, but it was a very nice quality! ;D

Are these still available?!?!