New Yoyo Holders by Cyclops Customs-Now For Sale!

Cyclops Customs

Presents our very first yoyo accessory -

The Cyclops Pouch Pal

Each Pouch Pal is $13 shipped, send me a message saying which color you would like and we can then exchange Paypal info. :slight_smile:

-baby blue, red, green, orange

Each Pouch Pal has a little pocket inside to store little things like string or counterweights.

The tail isn’t just for show! It can be used to carry a spare counterweight!

The Pouch Pal is big enough to hold most small to large yoyos, others like the Cliff or super wide will not fit. However, if you would like a pouch Pal for your larger yoyo send me a pm and I will be glad to make it and it will cost exactly the same as the regular Pouch Pal. :slight_smile:

The Pouch pal can be tossed in your backpack, pocket, briefcase or wherever you would normally carry your yoyo, but It does feature a loop that you can use to attach it to your hip with a caribiner so you can show it off.

      The velvet Pouch Pal shown in the pictures is a Prototype, the black one is the more refined and final version.

      I will be giving away the velvet Pouch Pal to one lucky member of the forum :) All you have to do to win it is post a reply on this page that says how you currently carry your main throw. Whether it be in your pocket or anywhere else, post a comment and when the Pouch Pal goes up for sale I will randomly select one of the members who posted a reply and they will win the velvet prototype Pouch Pal!  

I will announce the winner tomorrow. Thanks Everyone!

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Earphones pouch. These look awesome, especially the velvet one. I’m definitely interested!

I just put mine on a YYF Holster. Your pouches look awesome! Definitely interested, been looking around for another holster of some sort

edited to modify unintentional bad word that refers to a bad buttock.

Very interested! These look cuddly and bad buttock at the same time. One question though: are you only selling within the US? I’d love to get my hands on at least one, but I’m based in Australia.

My current throw is a Shutter and I carry it in my hoodie pocket, if I’m wearing one. I either keep my hand on it while it’s in there, or have my hand hovering protectively near it. If I’m not in a hoodie, I don’t even bring it out for fear of unintentional damage. To me, holsters practically ask for accidental scratches, and hard cases are inconvenient, while thin velvet pouches are… thin.

I haven’t found a good yoyo holster that I like yet, so I carry mine in my pocket. I really like the way this looks.

i have four already,they are wonderful,well crafted,very protective,and really fudgin cool,i take them every where. when these thing comes up for sale,def get one. HE knows what he doing when it comes to quality holders,that are fashionable and personal as well. i love it when people ask whats up wih the lil dude hanging from your belt loop,and i say he holds my other lil dude,and i whip it out XD My albatross that is.
Point being,great quality,extremely personal,well protective and sweet design.
Make sure you snag someb4 i get more XD

Hmm my crucial holster or my yyf holster, or my pocket.

in my pocket for now ::slight_smile:

fleece pocket. The red velvet looks very official and professional. Nice work!

I carry mine on a belt loop, held there by a First Word Throw-Strap available through here on YYE. sometimes I carry a backup throw in my pocket as well.

I like these a lot. Perhaps a pea-soup green color will be available? And a mustard yellow. If you can get these 2 colors going, I’ll be ordering at least 2.

I’m almost set you guys :slight_smile: I’m currently working on the boxes for the Pouch Pal and some baby blue Pouch Pals!

These are 2 of the Final Pals - Black with red and green accents. Orange and blue accents are being worked on as I type!

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This looks amazing!! I just use my pocket to carry.

These are cute I like them how much are you planning to sell them for? As for me I carry my yoyos in my Legyoyo holster but I think I like this more.

I’m shooting for $15 which includes shipping, 1x Pouch Pal, and 1x clip/caribiner.
I’m searching for a place to get caribiners/clips at a reasonable price, but If I can’t find them I’ll drop the price to $13.

Thanks for the Question :slight_smile:

I just carry my daily throw in a jacket or pants pocket, Not the most convenient way but it works (: