New Yoyo form Idea

Ok i was doing a mear trapeeze when i failed to put the string in the middle of the yoyo, but suceeded by accidentally Grinded one of my rims on the string.
It grinded like that i swear prolly 8 seconds.So I wondered what if?. They Made a yoyo like they do, but only on the rims put like a groove rounding the yoyo on each side to catch the string in.

Now dont hate and they that would never work ,Jus think wouldnt that be a little cool?

If I get what you’re saying, it’s been done. X-Yo Ixion’s Wheel Alpha.

That yoyo has a funky shape… Anyway, if you use a flat rimmed yoyo like a dv888, you can actually land it on the side most of the time if you practice.

Might work, pretty cool idea!

That’s what the OP wants from what I could read. I think if you want a groove on the rim, you will end up with a funky shape. You could make the grooves really small though, but I still think it would sell that well because this is something that won’t be fun in the long run.

The Ixions Wheel Alpha has that groove and people have even been complainging that the string gets caught up in that groove.

I actually had this happen also.,6330.0.html (It’s fine that you made this topic though. If I didn’t know what I called this topic I wouldn’t have found it.)
It’s pretty crazy when it happens.

Thats funny cause thats the yoyo i did it with Dark Magic.

X-Yo Ixion’s Wheel Alpha yo-yo

Yea thats my idea,Well What is thought was mine