Idea- Grinding Grooves!!!


I was thinking that you can dig a groove into the rims of a yoyo, maybe just one for rounded, and a few for flat rims. A thin groove, maybe around half a millimeter down. Would it actually help? I tried on a FH2, but it doesn’t grind well in the first place, so I can’t tell… if anyone has a metal yoyo they want to try it on…


Take a look at the Project, Project 2, and the Werrd yo-yos with their groovy finish.


Was I not clear? I meant on the rim itself, like where you touch when you grind? I don’t see the Project with it there… just to the rim and response. Maybe I can’t see it…


Ah, that is my fault. You are correct. The Project and its successor do not have grooves on the rims. The Werrd yo-yos with their groovy finish do have grooves on the rims.


Does it help?


I have not used a groovy yo-yo, but I have played a couple of Projects. The grooves on them make them finger grind like nothing else.


Eh. I’m skeptical about the effectiveness. I played all the prototypes of The Project, soda blasted, bead blasted, raw, clear ano, grooves, no grooves… I found that it was the soda blast/clear anodized finish that made it a good grinder, not so much the grooves.

They’re kinda’ whatever on the Groovy Werrd yoyos as well. I find the satin ones work better.


They’re not bad, I think my favorites to date are the finishes on SPYY’s like the Pistolero, and even the beadblast on the Peak. I feel they grind so much longer/smoother than the P2.