anyone ever tried grooving your own yoyo,if not ill try it and post pics but i was just wondering.and when i say grooving i mean the strait lines in the yoyo for less friction for better grinds.also,if you have done it,tell me how.

I think werrd did it… and the erm… Project has a bunch of lines running around it…if that’'s what you’re thinking about.

yeah thats what im talking a bout,but i mean like a yoyo that did not alread come grooved like a fhz or something like that.

Yea, if you did it, it wouldn’t be that hard, I think… I can’t mod well :stuck_out_tongue: Just do it as though it was a schmoove, but a lot less deep, and a lot more lines. Just keep prodding the yoyo with the screwdriver at random places.

I have done it. I can’t say it turned out too well, though. One side wasn’t done the same as the other.

Anyway, what I did was put it on a drill, and with it spinning at a high speed, i took the tip of a pocket knife and started cutting at the inner edge of the grinding surface then worked my way out.

Even with a lathe it’s a little difficult.

Do you mean difficult to get the actual grooves or to get them consistent?

Consistency, I would think the grooves are no problem… except to me! :smiley: