Grooved, Blasted, SPR'd FH2010

So I did some mods to my FH2010;

Profile. Not much here;

Shows the large bearing SPR in its place;

An up close of the grind rings;

It’s sandblasted, got grind rings, and SPR’s. Not much else to say.

Nice, it looks amazing. It amazes me you can make that precise grind rings on a yoyo. Awesome mod.

Nice!!! I’ve gotta try this sometime!

Getting them precise was easy, just find something with equally spaced groves, like a file. Getting them on the curved surface was tricky. I think if I ever do this again, it’ll be to a Protostar or Northstar like throw.


now turn the caps into stacks, that would be cool.

That’s hard to do. It requires very precise cutting. I would do it the same way yoyospirit stacks Freehands, with thinner spacers and gluing caps to it. I may do it, I may not. Probably the latter.

I actually make all my pieces press-fit. It’s very easy to do and just pm me if you want to learn how!