o rings

hey guys im kinda new to yoyoing and i was wondering how you change from friction stickers to o rings


You would have to create a recess, or a groove where the stickers go. Then simply put an O-Ring inside the groove depending on the size.

oh well how do you make the groove?

well I think its this:

I would honestly just send it out to someone to do it. there are some really good modders out there…and they usually do it for a cheap price…or you can find new modders and have them do it for free…they usually like fodder lol…

I dont mod my yo-yos out of fear and knowing i’ll ruin them HAHA!


well i cant di what they did in the vid because i dont have caps

its a mosquito

is there any other ways?

Mosquitoes do have caps. Newer ones just have screws which you can just unscrew to get the cap off, while for older ones you will need to pry it off, I believe.

that is correcto!

But it’s not easy…

you can also do it the bootleg way an get a dremel…


cool thanks but i still need to find another way(i dont have a drill)

As others have mentioned above, it is actually better to give this task over to good modders. if not, you would have to scrape that groove out manually. This often results in an uneven groove or it’s to deep or to shallow. Either way, you might get a bad result from doing this for yourselves without a drill or dremel. Good modders will give you a perfect result for a minor/no cost.

ok thanks