Can any yoyo use an o-ring? If so, where does it go?


only certain yo-yo’s can take O-rings. Most of YoYoJams product line use O-rings for response.


Can a Duncan Metal Zero 2 take one?


unfortunataly no. Unless if you can find a expert modder and have him recess the yo-yo to take a O-ring. Otherwise no. If you are trying to make your yo-yo unresponsive then try Alchemy string with it. It will make that yo-yo unresponcive. also try Ghost pads or Chaz pads or maybe thin Dif-E-Yo pads for unresponcive play.


yea this guy is right you would have to have a machinist or an expert yoyo modder. other wise i would just buy a yo with O-rings.


Correct - they cannot take o-rings - but Duncan has since released Silicone Friction stickers for their yo-yos: http://yoyoexpert.com/product/duncan/stickers/
Not the same as o-rings but another option.


Thanks, Yeah, I just ordered some silicone friction stickers, will they last longer than the ones the yoyo came with cuz those ran out real fast


Robert, I read in another one of your posts that you know how to make friction stickers. Can you tell me how did you learn.

Thanks! ;D



Have Fun Throwing!





I don’t get it, how do you get it to stick though? ???


you just push it in the recess.