Problem with my O rings

I’ve been playing with a Dark Magic 2 for about a month now, been loving it, but I did a bind and went to throw it again to find this white thing in with my string. Found out it was one of the response rings. It fits right back into the yoyo groove but It’s not sticking or anything. Anyone with experience have a solution to keep my O ring where it is without harming the yoyo?

Odd. I’ve been throwing mine for 6 months, still on the original response pads. Could just be a bad set. It could be the adhesive failed or it was just a bad pad. This sounds like a “stuff happens” issue. Sorry!

Your choices, if I understand correctly, are as follows:

1: Buy a new set of replacement response pads and install them. This does require the costs of shipping, so call up YYE and just request that they just use an envelop and postage. If you’re going to do that, buy 2 sets. They’re small. It makes more sense as it won’t add to the postage.

2: You can go buy flowable silicone and make your own replacement. I really like the feel and play of flowable silicone, but I haven’t done this in my DM2 yet. There are videos that show how to do this. I also ordered 2 set of replacement pads when I ordered my DM2 a while ago

3: If you can find black or white silicone o-rings, you can certainly use that, but you’ll find you’re not going to like that too well. It will take a bit of extra work to wear them down before you can really use them. I don’t know how viable this method is. I know some yoyos use these, such as the Big Yo and I think the Speed Maker. I could be wrong. I might very well be. Either way, I don’t really recommend this method.

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Is there any way I can just re-stick them? If I can, what kind of adhesive should I use? Right now, I’m flat broke and without much in the way of income, so I’m kinda roughing it.

Rubber cement or contact cement will probably work ok to re-stick them.

That’s exactly what I was going to say.

You might want to get flowable silicone and a baby sized oral syringe and just do it yourself going forward. That $7 or so you spend will let you do a few dozen yoyos and/or responses. The baby oral syringe just helps prevent waste.