Dark magic 1 question/

Is there any place I can get the Oring for the OG dark magic? Mine recently wore out. I did a bit of searching, and the ring for the DM2 isn’t as near as thick as the other one.

Any help will be appreciated.

You should be.able to take it to a hardware store and find one that fits. You can also use silicone instead of an o-ring.

You mean any standard silicon ring?

It doesn’t have to be silicone, black rubber will work just fine. You can also take flowable silicone and fill the groove, let it dry over night and you are set. Silicone works great but is a bit messy. There are many videos on how to do it.

If you look closely you will see that YYE supplies a ling to instructions on applying silicone towards the bottom right hand corner in the above link.

I still play the og dm and I just use a standard black rubber o-ring or silicone. Works great!

I just grabbed one from my paintball gear. all fixed. aha thank you for the help!