would these work as replacement o rings for a classic?


They should, but I’d imagine the bind would be rather slippy. I’d go with black instead.

You can get black ones at most any hardware store. Some may even carry the red (silicone) but they generally cost more.

Why do you need replacement o rings? Just put some flowable silicone I the gaps and put a responsive bearing in.

I’m going to a place where durable yoyo s are a must. Orings are much more durable than silicone

You could always bring a tube with ya. Anyway, I think this is the right size for silicone orings. These orings are very durable. https://www.amazonsupply.com/dp/B000FMUUQW

Hardware store…

And where exactly are durable yoyos a must so much so that u must use o-rings?

African village for 2 years where getting supplies from the outside world isn’t something to be counted on.

You could stock up on flowable silicone and use orings as a backup?

Ha yeah I have 4 tubes of it actully, just trying to be prepared lol

I would recommend Permatex Gasket Maker Hi Temp Red. Works much better in humid conditions and if done well, lasts forever.